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Unformatted text preview: Title: Kick Off Author: Donna King Genre (fiction, nonfiction): Non-fiction Brief description of MAIN CHARACTER(S): Include physical features and personality traits: For Nonfiction- Brief description of topic: Tyra Fraser is a girl who moves to England in the middle of the year and learns how to be a leader and how to stop enemies and make friends, she’s very nice, helpful and supported. Lacey, Tyra’s best friend plays soccer nice, loveable, trustful, and supported. Brief description of SETTING, include time & place: For Nonfiction: Three basic facts about your topic are: SUMMARY: (Description of IMPORTANT EVENTS), or for Nonfiction, list “Expert” facts about your topic) This story takes place in the year of 2007 and Florida and England. BEGINNING In the beginning of this story Tyra is at the park with her little sister, pushing her on the swings while...
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