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Consider the statement “psychology has a long past but a short history.” What do you think this means? I think this means psychology has a long past of theories, ideas and opinions of many different people. That some people looked at psychology as a mystery of the mind that was complex to figure out. Or that psychology was simply a behavioral issue based on mental actions like thinking, feeling, touching. But they are saying psychology had a short history because it took so long for all of these theories, ideas and opinions of many people to be in an organized fashion that people could have a better understanding of. Also only recently in history did scientific discipline become separate from philosophy to form the foundation of a new psychology. In your opinion, which person or perspective has had the most influence on the growth of
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Unformatted text preview: psychology? In my opinion I think Wilhelm Wundt because at first when he introduced his theory psychology with science not many people listened or agreed with his theory. But soon people realized and changed their minds that Wilhelm Wundt had a good theory and many people began to fill his lectures. Student s were so influenced and impressed with his theories they carried on his scientific psychology to universities in other countries to teach to others. He stands out to me because he had an idea; he re-shaped it and showed people how to look at psychology from a different perspective. This is one of the main reasons why today there are so many teachings of psychology....
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