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Heredity and Hormones 1 Heredity and Hormones Tina Suglia Axia College of University of Phoenix In the exceptional cycle of life there is heredity that is in each person’s life, which is passed down from our grandmother’s, grandfathers, great grandmas and great grandpas. The word genetic s means the study of health conditions or a specific feature that is passed down through your family tree line. Some heredity is not apparent in a person’s earlier life, but this will show up later in their life like baldness. Harvard Mental Health Letter (Sept 1998): stated that, “As in other brain disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, the hereditary pattern is complicated.” In this modern time, doctor’s now have a technique that is used while the mother is still carrying the baby to know what genetics or defects the baby will have before even being born.
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Heredity and Hormones 2 The study of heredity has been studied for many years like why other people are smarter than others. Some believe it is because of a child’s upbringing like going to the best schools, others think it is genetic and just naturally comes in the blood line. In many families children do resemble their parents in many ways like the color of eyes, shape of a nose, same tallness and many other similar traits. A Gene is a form of DNA that is part of a chromosome, which are tiny threadlike bodies found in all cells in the human body.
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BEH225WK2CKPT.doc (2) - Heredity and Hormones 1 Heredity...

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