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Think about the last time you attended a lecture or were in a classroom. Applying the information processing model, why did some things make it into your short-term memory and some things into your long-term memory? The reason why is because some information that I learned at the lecture was more important than the other information. My brain have figured which facts and information would stick with me long term and which would not and be considered short term because the information was not retained. So the brain categorized which is more important information that I put in my long term memory and the short term information I put in my short term memory. The information I learned I have most likely already forgotten about because it is not information I need right now and therefore my brain disposed of that information. Also because the simple fact that short term memory is forgotten about very quickly and the long term information will be used for a long time to come this is why this happened like this. How can knowing this process increase your learning potential?
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