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The way that I interpreted the problem is all three animals cannot go over together, every time you bring two animals together on the other side of the river they fight. The way is to either be able to put all three together to go to the other side or be able to bring the dog and mouse over first together then the cat. The way that I figured this out is I tried to bring over each animal one by one at a time but they always ended up fighting on the other side of the river. So this is how I tracked that my progress was not completed, the man that was supposed to be in the problem was
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Unformatted text preview: not there. The obstacles that I had were the animals would fight on the other side of the river no matter which one I brought over first. When I first started this problem I thought it would be easy but it kind of made me disappointed when none of the animals were getting along no matter who I put first. NOTE: When I solve problems I try every alternative, sometime it gets solved and sometimes like the above case it does not get fully solved....
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