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Diversified Adjusting Review Activity

Diversified Adjusting Review Activity - DIVERSIFIED...

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Unformatted text preview: DIVERSIFIED ADJUSTING REVIEW ACTIVITY MJ Match L.O.C. CHOICES: A. P-A, S-I, Some R—L or L-R B. P-A, I-S, Some R-L or L-R C. P-A, I-S, R—L or L-R D. I-S, P-A, Primarily R-L or L-R B. 1-5, P-A, Through the Plane Line of the disc TORQUE CHOICES: CW; CCW; None C.P. CHOICES: #1; #4; # 7 o_r #8; a) # 9 on Spinous, # 7 or # 8 on Lam/Ped; # 9 SP. CHOICES: A. Split Stabilization--above & below segment being adjusted. B. # 4 on Atlas, ring & little finger on Occiput C. # 11 on segment above segment being adjusted. D. Thenar on segment above segment being adjusted. EQUIPMENT CHOICES: A. HyLo Table B. Backless Chair ADJUSTMENT LEVEL CHOICES: A. OCCIPUT B. ATLAS C. AXIS D. C2 - C6 E. C7 - T2 F. T1 - T3 LISTINGS: L.O.C. TORQUE C.P. S.P. EQUIP. ADJ. LEVEL PSLP AIRA __ __ __ ASLP SPINOUS RIGHT, BODY LEFT PR SeD PLI-L C2 SuD PLI-L c5 PD PRS T2 DP PRS T2 MTM PR-T T3 MDP CORRECTION GOAL of the ADJUSTMENT: CHOICES: A. Indirectly correcting Anterior or Posterior rotation at the Upper Cervical Region B. Indirectly correcting Spinous Rotation/Laterality, Directly correcting Body Rotaion C. Directly correcting Spinous Laterality LISTINGS: PL C7 DP ASLA SeD PR-L C4 SuD PL C7 MTM PRI-L C3 PD ...
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