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Reminder for Patient Evaluation - REMINDERS FOR PATIENT...

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Unformatted text preview: REMINDERS FOR PATIENT EVALUATION/WORK—UP FOR CLINICAL BASICS TESTING ++Testing begins: Thursday, Feb. 2"", thru Friday, Feb. 10‘“, 2012++ **Dates to remember: 1. Friday, January 20'“ Turn in Radiology Report Write-up on person (another Palmer Student of record in the Clinic) who has agreed to be your patient for the Mandatory 16 Point Clinical Basics Testing activity (and, if applicable, the Voluntag Student Adjusting). a) Be sure that your patient has (at a minimum) the Lateral Cervical Film, A—P Open Mouth Film, & A-P Lower Cervical Films. If the patient also has Thoraco—Lumbarfilms, consider that a plus!) b) Choose a patient that has n_0_t recently had trauma, or is part of litigation (a Personal Injury patient). 0) Also, choose a patient without spinal anomalies or a patient presently under "specialized ” care—i.e.NUCCA, Blair etc. (Such “specialized ” care may have been selected for a reason, and in-class work-up or adjusting may complicate that patient ’s clinical picture.) ' d) Any patient for these class activities should have a NEGATIVE George’s Test (or other Vascular Screening T est/Exam—i. e. Vertebro-Basilar Ischemia Exam etc. ). ++INSTRUCTIONSFOR—FEBRUARY 2"°—FEBRUARY 10*" On the day you have signed up for Patient Evaluation/Work-up for Clinical Basics Testing BRING WITH YOU— 1. A skin marking pencil. 2. PRIOR Case History write-up on your patient. This is to be computer written and RECENT! --Not a copy of a Case History from Diagnosis Class— . See pages 95+ of Dr. Johnson’s Reference Study Materials text, or pages 171 + in Dr. .Gindl’s Essentials for Cervical-Upper Thoracic Technigue Class text. 3. Inclinometer and reflex hammer. (Inclinometer can‘also be borrowed from the class materials.) 4. Your patient’s x—rays. The films should be already analyzed by line drawing (Palmer—Gonstead), and the listing should be indicated on the appropriate lines on the respective films. (The Radiology Report write-up that you completed and turned in to your instructor will be returned to you on your Clinical Basics . Testing day.) 5. An ink pen. 6. Dual Probe instruments will be provided for use during testing/work—up. ...
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