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Unformatted text preview: USING THE HY-LO CfllROPRACTIC ADJQSTHXQ TABLE 1. Be sure the “Leg Raiser Bar” (the very end piece of the table) is fully down before bringing the table to the “up” position. Also, be sure the Headpiece Section of the table is level, 2. Push the Red Button, then the “up” arrow to raise the Hy-Lo Table to the upright position. 3. Determine the status of the Abdominal Section-docked position or unloc ed sition. Select the appropriate position for the patient. 4. Change the Headrest Paper. (Be generous with the paper so that the Nose Piece Section will not tear the paper.) 5. Have the patient step on the table’s Foot plate. 6. The top edge of the lower Pelvic Piece of the table is placed 1” to 1 1/2” below the patient’s ASIS. (To move the Pelvic Piece into place, turn and loosen the large knob on the left side of the table. Move the section into place for the patient; then, tighten the knob.) 7. The Top Section of the table is positioned by turning and loosening the knob on the left side on that section and moving the section to a position that will allow the patient’s face to fit comfortably on the face piece. 8. Have the patient put his/her hands on the Hand Pads (as he/she leans forward onto the table). 9. Push the Red Button and the “down” arrow to lower the table. 10. Once the table is fully “down,” Lift the Leg Raiser Bar so that the patient’s feet are clear of the Foot plate. (This helps to relax [take tension off] the calf musculature.) 11. Before getting the patient “up,” fully lower the Leg Raiser Bar so that the patient’s feet will have a complete area to stand on when the table is brought “up.” 12. Push the Red Button and the “up” arrow to bring the table and the patient upright. ...
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