6. Chapters to Study for Midterm

6. Chapters to Study for Midterm - Midterm All Chapter I...

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Unformatted text preview: Midterm All Chapter I No normal class meeting. All meet at 3:45. All Chapter II All Chapter III All Chapter IV (no x-ray positioning or radiographic aids) All Chapter V (except child adjusting and contraindications/cautions) All Chapter VI All Chapter VIII (static only) I recommend you preview Chapter IX SAMPLE QUESTIONS The upper cervical analysis of the nasium film shows: a. The superior basic line is always perpendicular to the vertical median line. b. The superior basic line is always drawn through the condyle tip that is most inferior on the film. c. The inferior basic line is drawn through points representing the medial-inferior tips of the atlas lateral mass. d. The vertical median line is constructed through the “+” sign and the center of the nasal septum. e. The perpendicular skull line constructed 90° from the ocular orbit line. Given the following information: RI: CW, 3” pivot, tissue pull taken with right hand, an element of the LOC is S-I. What is the listing? a. b. c. d. e. ESR AILP Spinous right -body pivot*, ESL ASLP AIRP ...
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