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Unformatted text preview: 21 year old average male ESTABLISHED FINDINGS • Short right leg ¾” • Mild mid-lumbar discomfort TODAY’S AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION • X-rays as posted with extended left mastoid • Short left leg ¼” • Static palpation reveals slight tenderness over left posterior arch area. • Fossa 0.65L • No symptoms at this time Leg Checks • If today’s leg check shows same side short as established findings, give it ++ • If today’s leg check goes even, give it – – • If today’s check is opposite side, give it – – Palpation (static) • If no palpatory findings, give it – – • If palpatory finding is at the segmental level to be adjusted, give it ++ • If upper cervical palpatory finding is other than the segment to be adjusted, give it + Symptomatology • If today’s finding is the same as the established findings give it a +* • If today’s finding is other than established findings give it a + • If there are no symptoms, give it a – Do pages: - 104/105 X-ray (specifically designed for CET) - 106/107 When to and when not to adjust Order of Importance: - Page 82 & 107 ...
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