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12. Point breakdown for CET

12. Point breakdown for CET - 35 Point Total 5 Point...

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Unformatted text preview: 35 Point Total 5 Point Errors (Major Error) Doctor selected wrong segment to adjust Doctor made wrong decision on whether to adjust or not Doctor used wrong hand to adjust Doctor adjusted from behind Doctor placed wrong side up 2.5 Point Errors (Error) Wrong atlas or axis listing/wrong major (2.5 points/listing) Wrong SCP Patient placement Incorrect/no tissue pull Wrong/no torque or roll-in Wrong pivot (feet, pelvis and shoulders) Wrong LOC/episternal notch placement Bad arched hand (thumb not up and space between fingers) Head-piece drops before doctor made thrust Does not cock head-piece—Does not make headpiece drop Accommodation----Unequal, to much, to little elbow bend No arm retraction or follow through Very slow thrust (see below)* 1 Point Errors (Minor Error) Head-piece was up before placing Charlie No headrest paper used Head-piece not level Patient Protection Hands on neck while taking Charlie down Take Charlie down/up from front Hand did not remain under shoulder until mastoid checked Non-clinical Attire Non-skin-on-skin Cocked head-piece from the front Head-piece cocked at wrong time Did not wrap thumb and finger around contact arm Body bounce back Slow thrust* Did not support neck bringing patient up ANY OTHER MISTAKE NOT MENTIONED IS A 1 or 2.5 POINT MISTAKE (using graders discretion) ...
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