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Unformatted text preview: P, ESL Sp Rt- BP, ESL* Sp Rt- BP, ESL* SCP: Left lamina-pedicle Sp Lt-BP, ESL Sp Lt-BP, ESL No real major! Sp Lt-BP, ESL Consider a mid-lamina scp Sp Lt-BP, ESR Consider a right lamina Pedicle as scp Axis Setups • DS: full pivot Axis Setups • LOC: I-S, P-A (constant), R-L/L-R TQ: Right/ clockwise Left/ counterclockwise Axis Setups • TP: Always A-P Axis Setups • Episternal Notch is Posterior and Inferior to the SCP. (second button) Accommodation? Accommodation High Arch Axis (posterior) Used when you have a great deal of inferiority on the lateral film and/or a great deal of spinous rotation on the a-p open mouth film. Axis (posterior) Used...
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