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Posterior arch, Torque, Static Palpation

Neither distinct malposition nor major degenerative

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Unformatted text preview: ess Radiographs of the vertebral spine: a-p and lateral view. Neither distinct malposition nor major degenerative change of the cervical spine are recognizable. Formally and structurally inconspicuous cervical vertebral bodies and adnexa. But detection of a largely ossification of the ligamen stylohyoidea on both sides. The patient's medical condition might be ascribed to a kerato-stylohyoidal syndrome. A rare differential diagnosis to occupational neck pain: bilateral stylohyoid syndrome • Transverse process • Posterior arch • Lamina pedicle junction • Mid-lamina • Spinous process Thumb Styloid Fossa Chiro Index Posterior Spinous C2 * Posterior arch Posterior arch From the posterior arch, move inferior one segmental level and a little medial * Lamina-pedicle Lamina-pedicle * Mid-lamina Move medial & inferior Mid-lamina * Spinous process Continue medial & inferior Spinous process Posterior arch Lamina-pedicle Lateral margin of spinous Lateral inferior margin of spin...
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