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Unformatted text preview: TyTron C-3000 Objectives 1. Load a partner’s name as a new patient, run scan properly, do fossa and save reading using the fossa differential as the save comment and delete same patient. STATION 1 2. How many times was a given patient scanned and potentially adjusted/not adjusted (8week interval)? 3. After loading a named patient overlay any given dated scan with another dated scan on the Scan Display Screen (use both F4 & F12 keys). 4. Display "pre" and “post" bar graphs on a given patient. 5. Display a bar graph and anatomical chart for any given scan on a patient. 6. Display the actual temperature (DT) on a bar graph on any given scan. 7. Be familiar with F4 Scan Utilities: a. b. c. d. e. f. Do an overlay of 2 graphs on an existing patient. Change the "pre" scan to a "post" scan on a given date on a given patient. Change the "post" scan to a "pre" scan on a given date on a given patient Delete any given scan or delete a patient "file". Edit a comment on any given scan. Choose any given scan to be designated as an Upper Cervical Subluxation Pattern. 8. From “Edit Patient”: a. Change the listing on a given patient to a new listing. b. Change the frequency of care on a given patient to a new frequency. c. Change a given patient's address to a new address. 9. Do an "infant" using your arm as the baby's neck. 10. Print an Informational Report on a given patient on a given scan. 11. Print a Spine Bar Graph Screen, History Screen, or Scan Display Screen (Line Graph). 12. Import a named patient from a flash drive/Export a named patient to a flash drive. 13. Individually display a given number (more than 3) on readings on a given patient on History Screen. 14. From History Screen, overlay a given number of selected scans. ...
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