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Hwk.#6 K & D of Machines Fall 2004 For this homework you are to apply both the “ δ = 0” (use the MathCad script " SliderCrank3FSPd ") and "e = 0" (use the MathCad script " SliderCrank3FSPe ") approaches to the Coordination of a Slider with a Crank for 3 FSP. These procedures are given in the handout and on the Web in the Lecture Notes folder. Compare the two solutions. Given: 1. The fixed pivot is to be located at O A = (0,0). 2. Slider Angle ψ = 0 degrees. 3. l θ (degs) S (arb. length unit) 0 0 6 1 30 4 2 40 1 Find: The Slider-Crank solution mechanisms. Draw the solution Slider-Cranks in all 3 positions and verify that
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