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STA3024 Section 1053 EXAM 2 REVIEW Exam date is Monday 06/06/2011 and time is 9:25AM – 10:45AM This is IN CLASS exam. Review Session is on Thursday June 2 nd 2011 at Griffin-Floyed 230 (2 nd floor) from 6pm to 9pm. I WILL NOT ASK YOU TO COMPUTE ANY SUMS OF SQUARES USING THE FORMUAS ON THE EXAM. YOU WILL BE GIVEN THE ANOVA TABLE. YOU JUST NEED TO USE THE PROPERTIES OF THE ANOVA DECOMPOSITION. All complicated formulas except the simplest ones will be provide to you on the exam. All relevant tables will also be provided. The full review can be divided into three steps. 1. Before studying anything else please be sure that you understand those concepts extremely well and that you are ready for both computational and conceptual question about those topics. Working with the F table. Sums of Squares and Correspondent Means Squares. P value and Alpha level in hypothesis tests. The relationship between alpha level and p-value that corresponds to our observed statistic. Relationship between F_alpha score and corresponding right
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