Chemistry 30A3 Fall 2011 Labs Dr. Troendle 65

Chemistry 30A3 Fall 2011 Labs Dr. Troendle 65 - Chemical...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemical Biology 3OA3, September 2009 Page 65 A filtering pipette is used to remove solid impurities from a liquid with a volume less than 10- mL. To prepare it, a small piece of cotton is inserted into the top of a Pasteur pipette and pushed down to the beginning of the lower constriction in the pipette. It is important that enough cotton is used to collect all the solid being filtered; however, the amount used should not be so large that the flow rate through the pipette is significantly restricted. The cotton plug can be pushed down with a long thin object such as a glass stirring rod or a wooden applicator stick. In some cases, such as when filtering a strongly acidic mixture or when performing a very rapid filtration, it may be better to use glass wool in place of the cotton, even though it is not quite as good as a filtering aid. To conduct a filtration, the filtering pipette is clamped so that the filtrate will drain into an appropriate container. The mixture to be filtered is transferred to the filtering pipette with another appropriate container....
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