Chemistry 30A3 Fall 2011 Labs Dr. Troendle 5

Chemistry 30A3 Fall 2011 Labs Dr. Troendle 5 - SAFETY...

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Chemical Biology 3OA3, September 2009 Page 5 SAFETY BULLETIN A chemical laboratory is potentially a dangerous place, and safety precautions should be the concern of everyone who works in one. The following notes are provided to assist you in avoiding unnecessary accidents, and to indicate the action to take should an accident occur. Study this material carefully . SAFETY EQUIPMENT 1. FIRE ALARMS - PULL STATIONS Are located in all corridors near corridor and building exits. 2. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Know the location of the fire extinguishers in your laboratory and read the directions for their operation. They are very effective for fires involving organic liquids and electrical wiring. 3. SHOWERS There is an emergency shower in each laboratory. These are for use when corrosive liquids have spilled over large areas of clothes and skin, and when clothing is afire . Become familiar with the location of these showers. 4.
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