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Chemical Biology 3OA3, September 2009 Page 17 CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 3OA3 Objectives The purpose of these laboratory experiments is to illustrate and reinforce some of the lecture material of Chemical Biology 3OA3, as well as to improve and extend your practical ability. You will carry out a sequence of technique and synthetic experiments. Other experiments illustrate particular effects, such as the anomeric effect (Lab 2), and allow you to explore the nature of catalysis, both in chemistry and in biology. Preparation Do not come into a laboratory unprepared. Read and understand the experiment ahead of time. If you do not do this you will be unable to appreciate fully what is going on and be unable to plan and use your time efficiently. Safety and Cleanliness Many of the compounds and solvents that you will be handling are highly inflammable and/or highly toxic. Stay alert to these hazards by checking for flames before pouring volatile
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Unformatted text preview: solvents and, conversely, by checking for fumes before lighting a burner. In case of a fire, DO NOT PANIC , retreat to a safe position and call a demonstrator. Avoid inhalation of vapours. Wash quickly and thoroughly with lots of water if you get chemicals in contact with the skin. Glassware can generally be cleaned with a brush, soap, and water. Stubborn gums and tars may respond to acetone or other solvents. The demonstrators may be able to advise you with respect to the best solvent for a given job. Use these solvents sparingly, washing several times with a small volume rather than once with a large amount. Keep your apparatus and your working area clean. In general, the longer you leave apparatus dirty, the harder it is to clean! Do your share of the tidying up of communal areas like reagent shelves, hoods and weighing stations....
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