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Electromagnetic Theory II Problem Set 10 Due: 4 April 2011 39. J, Problem 9.6. Note that the right side of the quoted equation for B in part b) should have an extra factor of c . 40. J, Problem 9.8. Recall from Chapter 12 the identiFcation of the current of angular momentum with r i T - r j T where T ρμ is the symmetric energy momentum tensor. The point of Jackson’s hint is that the angular momentum density
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Unformatted text preview: ǫ r × ( E × B ) as well as its ±ux has an extra factor of order r , and so with radiation zone Felds, the ±ux has nominal large r behavior of 1 /r . Of course that leading behavior must cancel leaving a contribution of order 1 /r 2 , which involves 1 /r 2 terms in the Felds. 41. J, Problem 9.16. 42. J, Problem 9.17. 1...
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