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BIO1110REVIEWGUIDEPRELIM 1 - Prelim I Review Guide REVIEW...

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Prelim I Review Guide REVIEW GUIDE FOR BIOG 1110 PRELIM #1 You have a number of resources to help you prepare for Prelim #1. Each of the following is posted on the BioG110 Blackboard site. Potential Prelim essay questions written by Professor Wayne (recall 1 of the posted questions will appear on the Prelim) The pre & post lecture questions written by Professor Wayne – Recall and large portion of the exam will be composed of these questions Lecture Note summaries and this review guide written by Dr Balko At this point, you should use the ppts and lecture notes as reference sources (much as you would a text book) to help you find the answers for all the questions on this Review Guide. Good Luck The remainder of this review guide will serve as an outline of key terms and concepts you should know. The “transcribed” lecture note summaries (mentioned above) will be a good source for key concept summaries. Use this list to help you identify which of the review questions posted by Randy relate to the concepts we would like you to learn. 1. What physico-chemical and biological features characterize living organisms? 2. What is the simplest entity that has all the characteristics of life? The Cell. 3. Why are proteins so important? What are their different functions? What makes them better catalysts than nucleic acids? 4. Why are Nucleic Acids so valuable as the “keepers” of the genetic code? Why them and not one of the other groups of organic compounds. 5. What process formed the carbon atoms that are essential to the formation of all living things? 6. What are the Vitalist & Materialist views of life [be able to distinguish between the two]. Vitalist- life is more than just the emergent properties of atoms. There is an energy [soul] that helps direct and define it. Materialistic- Explains life on the laws of chemistry & physics. Emergent properties are explained by the interactions of the component parts [e.g. Atoms] acting together. 1
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Prelim I Review Guide 7. Why was Pasteur’s work pivotal to our knowledge that life does Not arise form spontaneous generation? . What famous expression did he coin [hint: Randy has emphasized the value of everyone having this ] With his now famous swan-shaped flasks that allowed air, but not microbes to pass to the broth. Pasteur showed that as long as a solution is properly sterilized (e.g. Pasteurized) and air- borne contaminants excluded, no microbes were generated in the broth, even when air was able to freely pass through the long neck. Therefore there is no such thing as spontaneous generation of microbes. 8.
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BIO1110REVIEWGUIDEPRELIM 1 - Prelim I Review Guide REVIEW...

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