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AEM 3200 BUSINESS LAW INDEW TO TEXTBOOK 1. Law and the American Legal System a. Introduction to Law a.i. Private Law, Public Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law p.5 a.ii. Schools of Jurisprudence 2. Sources of Law and the American Judicial System 3. Judicial Procedure a. Look at notes 4. Intentional Torts 5. Unintentional Torts a. Negligence p.238 a.i. Proof of negligence, a plaintiff must demonstrate (duty, breach of
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Unformatted text preview: duty, causation, and damages.) a.ii. Duty p.239 a.iii. Breach of Duty, and Causation p.242 a.iv. Damages p.244 b. When unable to prove negligence; two doctrines: Res Ipsa Loquitur p.245 and Negligence per se p.248 c. Defenses against negligence c.i. Contributory Negligence p.249 c.ii. Comparative Negligence p.250 c.iii. Assumption of the Risk p.250...
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