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PHI200Week1DQ2 - Someones beliefs have to be called into...

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Someone’s beliefs have to be called into questions in order for him or her to have to justify themselves, or some form of life experience has to take place to make them question what they believe. Based on my experience I find that many people just believe what they are raised around without giving much thought in it. In my first Sociology class when I was attending Kennesaw State University, I met a classmate who was half-white and half-black. She told me that her maternal grandparents were members of the Ku Klux Klan raised her mother to grow up prejudiced but after she became friends with people from all walks of life she understood that the way that she was raised was wrong. Her mother married an African American man and her parents pretty much disowned her but they do visit their grandchildren occasionally. Some advantages of believing something without examining it would be giving a donation to a friend’s family through your temple knowing that the president of the temple has told you that the donations will be going to
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