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PHI200Week2DQ1 - psychologically cruel This can instigate...

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Relativism presents challenges to various ethical, moral and religious viewpoints (Mosser, 2010). The problem is when someone’s “living” violates another individuals. I will admit that citizens, ethnicities, civilizations, and religions are entitled to their own beliefs and values. When these principles conquer what are universally regarded as civil rights then the relativist could find it difficult to uphold their stance. The custom of female genital mutilation performed in Africa and the Middle East implemented anywhere from infancy through before a woman’s first childbirth is supposedly a traditional growing to adulthood ceremony. This involves excision or the removal of part or all of the female genitalia; and is performed on young females with the purpose of protecting their virginity until marriage. Lifelong health problems, along with increased infection rates and risks of contracting AIDS, coincide with the highest death rates for both the mother and baby in regions where it is practiced. The system is physically and
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Unformatted text preview: psychologically cruel. This can instigate medical complications and deaths. The men who continue to promulgate this practice do so even though they prefer to have sex with the normal women. Yet 100 to 140 million women have had this method done (Kassindja, 1996). We might very well argue that there is reason enough rooted in ethical criteria and the facts of this case to frown on people observing female genital mutilation. You might not wish to consider all who engaged in such a tradition culpable. They might have been brainwashed into believing that if they did not do this their women would become nymphomaniacs. References: Kassindja, F. (1998). Do they hear you when you cry ? New York: Delacorte Press. Mosser, K. (2010). A Concise Introduction to Philosophy . San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/books/AUPHI200.10.2/sections/ch02...
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  • female genital mutilation, Clitoris, Female genital cutting, highest death rates, Lifelong health problems

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