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This is an interesting question for me. I am an animal lover and really hate to see animals mistreated or abused, but I do eat a few types of meat. Every single type of animal has feelings (Mosser, 2010). We would be considered unprincipled to believe that creatures do not have emotions. Nature does have a hierarchy and humans are at the zenith of an exceedingly lengthy food chain. Every type of being relies on another creature or plant for vitality. It is how natural environments act and we must revere that. The one manner we can stabilize our moral values with Mother Nature’s system, is to appreciate our prey and treat them compassionately until the minute they are required for cooking. As people, we have determined that some mammals will be playmates and not eaten. We must completely treat those pals as we would our confederates. In
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Unformatted text preview: Finding Nemo, there is a quote: “Fish are friends, not food” (Stanton, et al., 2003). I believe this is true and I stopped eating fish the year that my college roommates and I bought fish as pets. I am not certain that we can deduce that animal drug testing is ethical but with technological advancements, everything is feasible. References: Mosser, K. (2010). A Concise Introduction to Philosophy . San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Retrieved from Stanton, A., Unkrich, L., Walters, G., Lasseter, J., Peterson, B., Reynolds, D., Brooks, A.,. Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Firm). (2003). Finding Nemo . Burbank, Calif: Buena Vista Home Entertainment....
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