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This video is about the century old debate between the people who believe in evolution and those who follow the creation story of their particular religion. I remember learning about evolution in school but I am certain that we did not learn about creationism in our school district. I think that when it comes to issues like this, the best way to handle it is to approach all major theories equally, present them equally, and let the students determine which makes more sense. Most religions explain how God created the universe and human beings. In Christianity, God made all sentient creatures in their existing form throughout a six-day interval (Hamilton, 1990). God created Adam and Eve who were the first man and woman. In Judaism, there are two creation stories because God designed all living beings in their current form through a six-day interlude but the first time the woman was too powerful so God had to create a woman that was not as powerful the second time (Heschel et al, 2005). God created Adam and Lilith first and then created
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