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PSY202 Discussion Question 1 Week 2

PSY202 Discussion Question 1 Week 2 - Briefly describe one...

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Briefly describe one developmental theory. Yale psychologist Daniel Levinson was interested in the changes that men went through in adulthood, and like Erikson, he separated his developmental periods into stages that he called eras. Levinson called the underlying pattern of a person’s development a life structure, which includes all the roles and relationships that a person has throughout life. Each season has its own purpose. Levinson said that people go through each stage in the same order and at roughly the same age and that the findings of many studies support this. The primary components of a life structure are the person’s relationships with others. Each relationship evolves over time and has different meaning at various times. It was believed that there are two or three relationships in a person’s life and they are marriage, family, and occupation. I agree with Levinson because family is important because they help you get stronger in life. Occupation is important because every person has some
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