PSY202Week3DQ1 - 1 As an adult student you may be...

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1. As an adult student, you may be challenged to satisfy multiple demands on your time and resources. How would you describe your current level of stress? In week one, I was feeling quite overwhelmed. The week before I had started what I thought was going to be my PSY202 Intro class and done all the assignments for Week 1. The next thing I knew I was starting this class because even though I had told my enrollment advisor that I had got into the class she misunderstood. Even though I had done all that work for the first week, I had forgotten to save it on Microsoft Word because I was in a hurry to finish getting into the class. You see the week that I started my class was a few days after I came back from New Jersey. July 2 nd , 2010 was the day of my flight back to Georgia from New Jersey via Philadelphia and I ended up reaching the Philly airport five minutes after the cut off time for checking your bags in for my flight. Imagine flying by yourself for the first time and you were late because your cousin decided to leave the house at 12:30 instead of 11:30. My flight was supposed to leave at 2:00 and we reached the airport around 1:35. It wasn’t enough that my cousin made me miss my flight he also started arguing with the lady that was helping me get a new boarding pass for the next flight to Atlanta. I ended up leaving Philly on the 3:45 flight to Atlanta that ended up reaching here around 6. You see my enrollment advisor and I had decided to have a pre- orientation for my class at 6 but by the time I got home it was 8 because we ended up
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PSY202Week3DQ1 - 1 As an adult student you may be...

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