PSY202Week3DQ2 - Which of Hollands six personality types...

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Which of Holland’s six personality types best describe you? The social personality type of John Holland’s best describes me because I enjoy solving social problems and interacting with others in a cooperative manner. Jobs involving machines, animals, or isolated work do not appeal to me. The Social Personality type has careers for people who are cooperative, supporting, helping, healing and/or nurturing. My career goal is to be a Social Worker and/or a Sociologist. Professions may offer several major rewards, each of which may appeal to different personality types. People’s personalities are seldom totally dominated by one type, so multiple characteristics are likely to lead to a number of satisfying careers. I am also a people person who loves helping others and that is why I have been volunteering at the Hindu Temple of Atlanta for 15 to 16 years almost. I also love meeting new people and working together with people who need help. Sociologists study human society and social behavior through the prism of group formations and social, political, religious, and economic institutions. How individuals interact with each other within given contexts, the origin and development of social groups are important indices by which the sociologist conducts his research and draws conclusions. Because of the breadth and scope of this field, sociologists usually
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PSY202Week3DQ2 - Which of Hollands six personality types...

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