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Schaie (1994) found that mental abilities consist of many different skills and abilities. Schaie (1994) found that during middle adulthood we reach the highest level of functioning in four areas: vocabulary, verbal memory, spatial orientation, and inductive reasoning. Only perceptual speed and simple mathematical computation ability declined during middle age. Perceptual speed actually begins to decline in early adulthood. Of the cognitive areas discussed by Schaie, I feel my stronger areas are Verbal Memory, Vocabulary and Inductive Reasoning. I am able to use my inductive reasoning with class by finding patterns in the coursework that an instructor gives a student and molding my work to his or her pattern. Such as, my finishing the last two quizzes in this class two weeks ago so that I can spend more time on writing the reflective essay. I am good with words and memory. I have always had an extensive vocabulary because of my love of reading novels and all the classics. For years, when I wrote essays and papers I would always use the tools to change the words by
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