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1.) In contrast to the qualitative paradigm, quantitative data is used to answer specific research questions with the aid of statistical analysis. Identify and discuss at least three non-experimental research methods. Define and explain the type of data that would be used in each of your chosen methods. Because non-experimental or quantitative research methods do not involve the manipulation of any variables, they are called descriptive research methods. The term descriptive research methods pertain to the research methods that do not involve the manipulation of an independent variable (Smith & Davis, 2010). The first type of non- experimental research methods one can use to attain data is through observational studies. These studies include note taking and viewing of a subject for a period of time. They are often used to understand behavioral patterns. This type of data is presented in an ethogram, which is a depiction of behavior in a graphing format (Smith & Davis, 2010). A second type of non-experimental research method to collect data is through surveys.
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