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I am wholeheartedly against the death penalty. I believe that only God judges us. God has various names: I believe in him as Vishnu but for some he might be called Jesus, Yahweh, Buddha, or Allah. The costs of the death penalty are unacceptable and society is equally protected from real murderers by a sentence of life without parole (Mosser, 2010). The death penalty is applied disproportionately to minority defendants and disproportionately against defendants who kill a white person regardless of the race of the defendant. Therefore, the death penalty appears to be applied in a discriminatory way, based on the statistics of Carlos De Luna, Larry Griffin, Ruben Cantu, Leo Jones, Joseph
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Unformatted text preview: ODell and Lionel Herrera (Listverse, 2010). In all of the cases mentioned above the enforced death is final. Being acquitted after death cannot help the innocent person executed by the State. It is inherently unreasonable for the State to kill people to show that murder is wrong. References: Mosser, K. (2010). Ethics and Social Responsibility. San Diego, Bridgepoint Education Retrieved from . Ten Convicts Presumed Innocent after Execution .
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