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I hope that with the constant growth of the going green movement the environment is going to continue to get better. Nevertheless, whether the demands of economic development can be balanced with environmental concerns will depend on whether politicians learn to associate positive economic growth with a healthy environment or whether economic greed will always outweigh ecological concerns. Environmental guidelines should be considered when corporations are developing them (Mosser, 2010). 6.7 billion people live on our planet. This number will probably double in our lifetime, which will have dire consequences for everyone. We should stop the healthy, living trees from being cut down because they shade the pool or clog the roofs gutters, or simply for
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Unformatted text preview: being too tall. That would be some real progress and very good for the environment. Every country has to work together. People should stop littering, remember to dispose all their waste properly, save energy, drive solar powered cars and should carpool more (, 2011). References: Mosser, K. (2010). Ethics and Social Responsibility. San Diego, Bridgepoint Education Retrieved from . (2011). Fifty Tips to Prevent Air Pollution. Home and Garden News Story. Retrieved from ....
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