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Confidentiality and self-respect are fundamental rights that everybody should be owed, and must be reduced if there is a justification to do so. A guiltless person should not have their indispensable human rights violated for any reason. Constant scrutiny is fairly upsetting to countless people; then again, this could be acceptable if they were doing something immoral. There is a definite risk that a corrupt government might use this to terrorize or repress potential antagonists or whistleblowers, and conceal illegal actions on its part. People might be doing something lawful yet dishonest that they still do not fancy
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Unformatted text preview: others knowing about. If you were having an extramarital affair, which is legal yet morally wrong, you might understandably want to keep it to yourself. Another example is what if you were the only person of another religion who went to that elementary school and your religion did not exactly believe how the majority believed. You would not want them to know about this because then they would argue with you that you were going to hell because you were not saved....
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