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SOC120Week5DQ1 - opportunity the government permits you in...

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The government does require you to wear a seat belt in many states around our country. In fact, in my state of Georgia, the road signs say that you should buckle up because it is the law. The argument for the seat belt law is that it prevents you or others from being hurt or killed. The argument against the seat belt law is that someone makes a personal choice to wear a seat belt. If they chose not to wear a seat belt and they get hurt because they did not protect themselves this is what constitutes a victimless crime. You have your seat belt on and your vehicle gets into a small crash but you are unhurt. You will have to pay the bill for a detective to take a statement and perhaps arrange for a tow truck. You are not wearing your seat belt and you get into a small crash but your head is within or through the windshield. Law enforcement, emergency vehicles, time spent, traffic directing these are all expenditures that you pay to the government. Driving is an
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Unformatted text preview: opportunity the government permits you in certain situations. Those circumstances include following any decree or road sign they create. The safety restrictions should keep every citizen safe. The only differentiation would be that the safety restraint is based on a person’s weight. The infant car seat question spans two issues, the driver's driving freedom can be withdrawn and the legal obligations guaranteeing the wellbeing of children under your care always. If you were in a collision and a child that should have been in a car seat was not and was harmed, you could lose your privilege and be penalized for the traffic violations and confront infant endangerment charges if they chose to indict. The potential outcome of being caught may be more upsetting than following the rules. Laws vary by state and community....
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