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aime_nathan_BUS310_assignment4 - Running Head THE ECONOMIC...

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Running Head: THE ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT The Economic Environment Nathan Aime Business 310 Professor Cronce October 16, 2011 The Economic Environment
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THE ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT Understanding the economic environments of foreign countries and markets can help managers predict how trends and events in those environments might affect their companies' future performance there. A major economic transformation is underway, evidenced by the sudden and sweeping changes across the global economy since the closing months of 2008 (Bowman 2011). In the ensuing chaos, many enterprises that lacked sufficient cash reserves or underlying, fundamental strength struggled or failed. But others, with an emphasis on innovation and an eye to value, found a way to survive – even thrive. These early winners shared three vital characteristics: They focused on value – Across the board, these companies did more with less, focused on their core offerings and had a comprehensive understanding of the needs and wants of their customers. They exploited available opportunities – Winners captured share by taking advantage of weakened competitors, acquiring bargain-priced assets and focusing on growth markets. They invested in innovation and built future capabilities. And they changed their
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aime_nathan_BUS310_assignment4 - Running Head THE ECONOMIC...

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