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Running Head: SAN SEBASTIAN WINERY: E-BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT San Sebastian Winery: e-Business Environment Nathan Aime Business 313 Professor Lazo November 20, 2011 San Sebastian Winery: e-Business Environment
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SAN SEBASTIAN: E-BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT San Sebastian Winery, a family-operated small vineyard in St. Augustine, Florida, provides an example of a virtual face model. San Sebastian Winery illustrates the evolution of markets, networks, and virtual culture in the organization. San Sebastian Winery is a family-run winery business established in 1996. It established an online website: in June 1997 focusing on marketing products and also providing industry and corporate information to their clients. The website also provided information about its sales outlets and key agents (Burn et al., 2002). A main emphasis in the site was to attract customers to encourage cellar sales and visit the winery and enjoyment of catering and dining facilities. With a small investment in a website and no additional staff, San Sebastian has boosted its cellar door sales, which has a greater profit margin than the wholesale trade, by almost a third while spreading its reputation and reach among buyers farther away . San Sebastian Winery has an overall annual production of over 80,000 cases. It established its first online site in June 1997 as a virtual face model, with a focus on providing an additional outlet for the firm's operations and to support its strategy to reach international clients (San Sebastian, 2011). The site has consequently been redesigned twice to mirror the changes in operation as the organization extended strategic alliances, linkages, and virtual operations and took advantage of a growing e-market for wine. The website includes an electronic ordering facility which enables customers to buy wine
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aime_nathan_BUS313_assignment1 - Running Head: SAN...

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