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Running Head: YELLOW TAIL: I-BUSINESS Yellow Tail: i-Business Nathan Aime Business 313 Professor Lazo November 26, 2011 Yellow Tail: i-Business
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YELLOW TAIL: I-BUSINESS Yellow Tail is a widely known successful company that survived when other wineries closed. It kept most employees when other companies laid off workers. It keeps hiring and planning to expand. The company knows how to stay in business, adjust to changing market conditions, come up with innovative products and build strategy around its strengths. The strengths like quality of products, broad supply chains, and flexibility allowed Yellow Tail to build a strong e-business that was successfully transformed into i-business when the time came. The transformation path was challenging, but it was paid back with new consumers, growing profits, and strong position among the global wine industry. Since the virtual market carries new forms of information-based business architecture strategies, increasing knowledge intensity, virtual supply chains, and IT-enabled intermediation, Yellow Tail had to think “outside the box” to come up with a product and strategy that was not considered the norm in order to find success and migrate from a small winery into a global multinational corporation. The concept of this new business paradigm goes further than e- business and can be better described as i-business where core business processes will need to be
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aime_nathan_BUS313_assignment2 - Running Head: YELLOW TAIL:...

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