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Running Head: DOGFISH HEAD: BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY Dogfish Head: Blue Ocean Strategy Nathan Aime Business 313 Professor Lazo December 3, 2011 Dogfish Head: Blue Ocean Strategy
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DOGFISH HEAD: BOS Instead of competing head-to-head in an existing industry for known customers of other suppliers in what we call a “Red Ocean,” an organization can generate high growth and profits by creating new demand in a “Blue Ocean,” or uncontested market space. One industry where there is a very large amount of competition is the beer industry. During the last two decades, the beer industry has progressed in a rationally predictable fashion, backed by a clear story. There was a basically static overall market size, but the pie was continuously being divided over and over again. A few of the large brewers got even larger, while others deteriorated. The craft brewers came in as the regional brewers dropped out. For statisticians, the development which was the most unpredictable was the import growth, which came up from nothing and ended up with 13% of the market. Mangers use a tool called the “Six Paths Framework” to view the competition’s six conventional boundaries in order to reconstruct assumptions of the market in a systematic way to create new market space. These are: looking across time instead of focusing on the same point in time as the rest of the industry; looking across functional or emotional appeal to buyers instead of accepting an industry's functional or emotional orientation; looking across the chain of buyers
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aime_nathan_BUS313_assignment3 - Running Head: DOGFISH...

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