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aime_nathan_BUS313_assignment4 - Running Head DOGFISH HEAD...

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Running Head: DOGFISH HEAD: NONCUSTOMERS Dogfish Head: Noncustomers Nathan Aime Business 313 Professor Lazo December 10, 2011 Dogfish Head: Noncustomers
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DOGFISH HEAD: NONCUSTOMERS In the big world of opportunities for blue ocean strategies, most companies do not have a lot of awareness of just how they should unlock their noncustomers, or even the knowledge of who their noncustomers are. Most businesses would benefit from understanding exactly who their noncustomers are and learning how to transform these noncustomers into profit producing new customers. The groups of noncustomers that could be turned into customers fall into three different tiers. In the first tier, for Dogfish Head Brewery, there are people who buy Dogfish Head beer on a minimal basis out of necessity, but are not passionate about the company or their beer while they are sitting on the edge of the market, but they are mentally noncustomers of the beer industry. It could be they only buy beer as a gift for someone they care about or maybe to bring to a party or family function where they know other people would enjoy this product. These particular noncustomers are just waiting to leave Dogfish’s industry and jump ship as soon as an opportunity presented itself. On the other hand, if these people were to receive an offer that has greater value, they would not just stay in the industry, they would increase the amount of purchases. This would produce a large amount of hidden demand. The second tier of
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aime_nathan_BUS313_assignment4 - Running Head DOGFISH HEAD...

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