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Running Head: DOGFISH HEAD: LIMITATIONS Dogfish Head: Limitations Nathan Aime Business 313 Professor Lazo December 23, 2011 Dogfish Head: Limitations
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DOGFISH HEAD: LIMITATIONS Dogfish Head Craft Brewery faced four hurdles to make the transition from a Red Ocean to a Blue Ocean Strategy. The first hurdle the owner, Sam Caligione, faced was cognitive. He had to wake up his employees to the idea that a strategic shift was greatly needed. A red ocean feels comfortable to many people in business since that is usually the way business is conducted and a lot of times serve the beer industry well, but the red ocean may not be the path to future profitable growth. Limited resources were the second hurdle Dogfish Head Craft Brewery had to face. Most of the time in the beer industry, the more that there is a shift in the strategy, the more assumptions there are that the resources required in order to execute the strategy will need to be increased. In most of the businesses that have used the Blue Ocean Strategy, the resources were not raised. Resources were actually being cut. This shows that the mentality of needing to increase resources is incorrect mindset to have and anyone who has the mentality that Dogfish Head Craft Brewery will not be able to afford it, is not focusing on a way to be successful while spending the same or
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aime_nathan_BUS313_assignment5 - Running Head DOGFISH HEAD...

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