Bio1130 Hadean and Archean eons

Bio1130 Hadean and Archean eons - Hadean key words Adhesion...

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Hadean key words Adhesion – the adherence of molecules to the walls of conducting tubes, as in plants Biopolymers – macromolecules; proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrate, lipids Carbon – the most important atom in biological molecules, capable of forming up to four covalent bonds Central dogma – the principle of directional information flow from DNA to RNA to protein transcription translation DNA replication DNA RNA protein Cohesion – the high resistance of water molecules to separation Emergence – more than the sum of the parts Evaporation – heat transfer through the energy required to change a liquid to a gas Hydrogen bond – weak attractive interaction between an electronegative atom and a hydrogen atom that is covalently linked to a second electronegative atom Hydrophilic – polar molecules that associate readily with water; “water-loving” Hydrophobic – nonpolar substances that are excluded by water and other polar molecules, “water-hating” Micelles – a sphere composed of a single layer of lipid molecules *Protocells – a primitive cell-like structure that has some of the properties of life and that might have been the precursor of cells Specific heat – the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of a given quantity of water *Surface tension – the force that places surface water molecules under tension, making them more resistant to separation than the underlying water molecules *Vesicles – a small, membrane-bound compartment that transfers substances between parts of the endomembrane system Hadean eon – 4600 - 3800 Ma; formation of the solar system and planet, ends with
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Bio1130 Hadean and Archean eons - Hadean key words Adhesion...

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