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adult crime - offenders under the age of 18 as adults while...

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1Charles Littles UNST 110-43 10/12/06 Adult Crime Adult Time This essay talks about young children and how they should be treated in the justice system. According to Linda J. Collier this all depends on the crime that is committed. For example if a child participates in the mugging of another child then they should be put into the juvenile courts and they should be treated as a child. But if a child commits a crime such as murder then that child should be treated as an adult in the court room, no matter the age of the child. Some states follow this belief and some choose not to, New York usually treats major
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Unformatted text preview: offenders under the age of 18 as adults, while on the other hand Pennsylvania chooses not to. I agree with Ms. Collier to a certain extent, but how far can this idea go. For example, what if a 8 year old kills his 6 year old brother by pushing him off of their terrace in their apartment building. How is he to be treated? According to Ms. Collier he would be treated as an adult because of the severity of the crime. it is plain for everybody to see that this was an accident, the only thing that I could recommend in a case like this would be counseling ....
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