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tutorial7 - in the address(in the function minFrac itself...

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In void reorder, even though the input are addresses, we don’t use *minFrac(*a,*b) == *b because a = &s, b = &m minFrac (&s, &m) = minFrac (a, b) swap (&s, &m) = swap (a, b) if (*minFrac(&s, &m) == &m = if (minFrac(a, b) == b) a and b are addresses, minFrac also an address. So we must compare address with address, since b is address, we use minFrac, not *minFrac But even though minFrac is an address, the function minFrac itself checks the values
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Unformatted text preview: in the address (in the function minFrac itself, because in the function minFrac we dereference the addresses with *) Important: (*count)++! *count++ will not work. Need the brackets. This is the best & shortest way of finding gcd int gcd (int a, int b) { int c; While (b!=0) { c= a%b; a=b; b=c; } Return a; }...
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