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<name removed to preserve anonymity> ACCT205 DB5 AIU Online Tools can help in almost any situation. Unfortunately, with regard to tools in my personal and professional experiences, I have never encountered a difficult or challenge situation that would be solvable with tools alone. Almost always, the result ended up with a combination of the use of tools and input from experience forming the best possible approach to discovering the solution. Take for example my most recent software project. The way my company handles new projects a 6 step approach: Initial project scope discussion, project/product design, project/product implementation plan, project/product code writing, project/product review against design step goals, project/product finalization. If we were to bring in a brand new manager off the street, having no prior experience within our organization, and ask him to fully complete his role within each of these steps with no help from other employees, only with the output from tools that are available, it would be a disaster. The reason for this is because each phase of the 6 step process relies on everyone being
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This note was uploaded on 01/08/2012 for the course ACCOUNTING 205 taught by Professor Sunnyonyiri during the Summer '10 term at AIU Online.

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acct205db5 - ACCT205...

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