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<removed to preserve my anonymity> AIU Online ECON220 DB 1 Within my position at my present employer, there are numerous decisions that I must make on a daily basis. These decisions range from simple, such as "Which lab system do I use for bug replication today?", to highly complex, such as "Which systems and subsystems, and subsequently which functions within each are impacted by the new bug report, and what is the level of effort required to fix that bug report within each?". Most days are a diverse fusion of many decisions within each of these areas. One specific decision that comes to mind that I was tasked with making recently was which javascript library should be used for creation of a new web-based database administration tool for our customer support organization's use. There are a number of viable options available that generally fit the requirement of modernizing the interface and making it more "user friendly", but based on the more detailed feature requirements
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