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BIOLOGY 308: HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY Fall Semester, 2006 AC Brown NEUROPHYSIOLOGY Aug 29 Tu Introduction; Membrane transport & Membrane potential Aug 31 Th Excitability and Neuron Action Potentials; Neuromuscular transmission Sep 5 Tu Muscle contraction; Synaptic transmission Sep 7 Th Sensory endings; Spinal reflexes Sep 12 Tu Autonomic nervous system Sep 14 Th Sensation; Somatic sensation; Pain Sep 19 Tu EXAM; Chemosensation (taste & smell) Sep 21 Th Hearing; Vestibular system Sep 26 Tu Vision: Optics, retina, pathways Sep 28 Th Motor cortex, Basal ganglia, Cerebellum CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM Oct 3 Tu Sleep & EEG; Emotion; Language; Memory and learning Oct 5 Th Cardiac action potential & ECG; Cardiac cycle Oct 12 Tu Peripheral circulation; Capillary exchange Oct 14 Th Regional circulation; CV system regulation Oct 16-20 Fall Break Oct 24
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Unformatted text preview: Tu EXAM RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Oct 24 Tu Respiratory ventilation Oct 26 Th Ventilation Pathophysiology; Alveolar ventilation; Blood gas transport Oct 31 Tu Pulmonary circulation; Alveolar-Arterial Equilibration; Respiratory regulation RENAL SYSTEM Nov 2 Th Renal function Nov 7 Tu Water balance; Body compartments; Renal water regulation Nov 9 Th Renal electrolyte regulation; Acid-base balance ALIMENTARY SYSTEM & METABOLISM Nov 14 Tu Alimentary motility; Digestion; Absorption Nov 16 Th Energy metabolism; Temperature regulation Nov 21 Tu EXAM ENDOCRINOLOGY & REPRODUCTION Nov 21 Tu Blood, Hemostasis Nov 28 Tu Pituitary; Thyroid Nov 30 Th Calcium metabolism; Adrenals Dec 5 Tu Male reproductive system; Female reproductive system Dec 7 Th Birth; Lactation; Perinatal circulation & respiration Dec 14 Th Semester EXAM , 8-10 am A6H23...
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