ProkaryoteCharacteristics - Prokaryotes Domain Bacteria...

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Prokaryotes - Page 1 Prokaryotes Domain Bacteria General features Cell walls contain peptidogylcan Prokaryotic – No internal membrane bounded structures (no organelles) Genetic material not found within a nucleus Membrane Lipids comprised of unbranched hydrocarbons One RNA polymerase Few Introns in DNA No histone proteins associated with circular DNA molecule Morphology Three general shapes: Bacilli, Cocci and Spirilla Solitary cells common May cluster (Staphylo-) May form chains or filaments (Strepto-or Myco-) Motility Flagella Axial Fibrils Gliding Non-motile Reproduction Vegetative Binary Fission Budding Genetic Exchange by Conjugation, Transformation and Transduction Resistant Forms Endospores (encysting to avoid environmental stress) Environmental Requirements Oxygen Obligate aerobes Facultative Microaerophiles Obligate anaerobes Metabolic anaerobes Temperature Thermophiles Psychrophiles Mesophiles Metabolism Heterotrophic Autotrophic Photosynthetic Chemosynthetic
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ProkaryoteCharacteristics - Prokaryotes Domain Bacteria...

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