SporePlantsIntro213 - Spore-Dispersing Vascular Plants...

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Spore-Dispersing Vascular Plants Introduction - 1 The vascular plants are divided artificially into two major groups, the seedless (or spore-dispersing) vascular plants and the seed plants. There are four major Phyla of spore-dispersing vascular plants plus three extinct phyla for which excellent fossils remain. The spore-dispersing vascular plants include the: Rhyniophyta – Extinct Zosterophyllophyta - Extinct Trimerophytophyta - Extinct Lycophyta (Lycopodiophyta) Lycopodiae Selaginellae Isoetae Monilophyta or Pteridophyta* (sometimes Pterophyta) Equisetales (Sphenophyta) Psilotales (Psilophyta) Ferns (Pterophyta) Ophioglossales – Eusporangiate Marattiales – Eusporangiate Filicales – Homosporous and Leptosporangiate Salviniales – Heterosporous and Leptosporangiate Marsileales – Heterosporous and Leptosporangiate * Traditionally, the groups now clustered into one phylum were considered to be separate phyla, with the name Pterophyta used just for the Ferns. For ease of
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SporePlantsIntro213 - Spore-Dispersing Vascular Plants...

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