2401TransportPhysioex5B - BIOL 2401 Laboratory Lab Report 1...

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BIOL 2401 Laboratory Lab Report 1 Membrane Transport Mechanisms Exercise 5B Activities 1 - 5 The first lab report will be a guided report to teach you the proper format and expectations for future reports. Fill in each section with the requested information. Please type the completed document, using this sheet as a template. Papers not typed will not be accepted for grading. Take advantage of tools such as spell check and grammar check on the word processor. Lab report 1 is due no later than Thurs, Jan 31 at the beginning of your lab. Lab reports WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE. (If you are wise, you won’t wait until the night before this is due, since this activity will help you prepare for your test…) Introduction : (Write a 1 – 2 page introduction giving background information relevant to the lab activities. You should include a discussion of cell membrane structure, the nature of polar and non-polar molecules and ions, the concept of selective permeability, concentration gradients, the importance of membrane transport to living cells, the different types of membrane transport, etc. followed by a brief summary of the purpose of the experiment to be done. In addition, any terms or abbreviations to be used in the report should be defined and explained in the introduction (e.g. MWCO: what does it stand for and what is its significance? Osmotic pressure: what is it and what is its significance?). Use your own words to define the terms as often as you can, and be
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2401TransportPhysioex5B - BIOL 2401 Laboratory Lab Report 1...

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